It's not about latitude, it's all about attitude

Inspired by their love for the unbridled freedom nature provides, and the industrious spirit of the people who choose to call this land home; two brothers set out to make their way in the world by providing clothing that embodies the values of the land they treasure so fondly. Clothing that is hard working yet relaxed, enduring yet endearing, earnest yet enjoyable. Clothing that dares to live up to the standards of the great "Up North".

Up North

It’s the place people go to escape,
a place made of cabins, pine trees and lakes.
But no matter how far you drive,
there’s no sign to say “You’ve arrived.”
So just follow your heart til you find,
your special place that brings peace of mind.
As you breathe in the air and unwind,
your cares are all left behind.
It’s no mystery where the northwoods start.
When you’re “up north,”
you’ll know in your heart.

— Suzanne Kindler 1996