Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Up North Trading Company. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. This website, these products and this blog are the culmination of years spent living in Minnesota, loving the outdoors and now sharing that love with others. Our goal here is to celebrate the people, places and things that make Up North so special to us, that we might find others who feel the same way. However, before we begin sharing about some of our favorite artists, photographers, campgrounds, scenic views, state parks and brewhouses, we thought it only fitting that we first share a little bit about ourselves. So here goes...

2 Brothers. 1 Passion.

Once upon a time, two brothers set out to make their way in the great big world. The eldest (we’ll call him Trent) ventured east to the wonderful wilderness of western Wisconsin where he studied graphic design then moved back to the Twin Cities to work at a design agency, helping build brands for mostly large corporate clients. The 2nd brother (who we’ll call KC) wandered south to the mystical land of Mankato before returning home to begin his own contract embroidery business.

After spending a few years honing their craft in each of their respective fields, the two brothers got to talking one night... there had to be a way of putting these two sets of naturally complimentary skills to use… but what would be the common theme? How could they build something worthwhile that they could both wholeheartedly believe in??? KC suggested the name Up North, Trent added the words Trading Co. and the rest is history.

Having grown up in the land of 10,000 lakes, spending summers fishing, hiking and exploring, both brothers had grown to appreciate the outdoor life in their own unique ways. While KC is a little bit country, and the outdoorsman-hunter-gatherer of the two, Trent’s a little bit rock 'n' roll, seeking adventures through experiences like camping and wakeboarding. Together, from a small shop in Rogers, MN the two brothers now bring their love of all things Up North to the rest of the world. 

Thanks for following along thus far. Please join us as we venture out from here. Onward and Northward. 


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